Mentors + Judges 

Digital Solutions Hackathon – Virtual Hackathon Mentors

Philipa Dods

Philippa Dods manages the Marketing operations for the African region at global media intelligence company, Meltwater. She is also a Marketing Strategy Advisor at Future Females, working to increase the number and success of female entrepreneurs. She recently launched and is currently the Director at Future Females Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that exists to combat gender-based violence globally, and regularly participates in marathons and triathlons to raise funds for social justice nonprofit causes that focus on eradicating gender-based violence and discrimination.

Mbali Motsoeneng

Mbali Motsoeneng is a public policy expert who recently served as a Manager in Policy and Planning in the Executive Mayor’s Office at the City of Johannesburg. Her portfolio focused on setting political and policy directives for efficient municipal governance, driving implementation in public administration and establishing public-private partnerships that maximise resources used for service delivery. In the technology industry she worked at Dimension Data as a Client Manager, offering a value chain of technology and innovation solutions that are key for business competitiveness, efficiency and financial success. As a WITS Master of Management graduate, Mbali contextualised legislation that inhibit ease of doing business in township economies, which now inform her contributions as a Global Shaper regarding the significance of government and business relations for development. Soon she will join a diplomatic organisation to foster inclusive economic growth by managing digitisation initiatives and influencing tech policy.

Rushni Colins

I am currently a social worker at Nicro in Cape Town. I am the crime prevention worker for schools as well present an adult substance abuse group. I work in many facets of social welfare and help with alot of programs.Currently helping with Nicro learning management systems in domestic violence so we can counsel digitally. I also run our office newsletter and help oversee interns at the office. In saying all this I have to say I love having fun and experiencing different cultures and beliefs and getting to know people.



Lebogang Victor Ditsebe

Lebogang Victor Ditsebe is a passionate young leader, who prides itself with policy influence, articulate understanding of South Africa’s young constitutional democracy, secondly I’m involved in various organizational avenues which inspire young people to believe in their purpose, more than anything – because it is purpose which steers each and every young person to feel that they have a place in South Africa.

Thirdly, be it their purpose is in sports, business/entrepreneurship or the corporate world; they need to leverage in the route or stream. In closing, Lebogang Victor Ditsebe is a passionate young leader, who leads with clear focus, and determination – works as a team player, and is a passionate individual.



Mbali Motsoeneng

Mbali Motsoeneng is a Digital Access Programme Manager at the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. A public policy and international development expert who formerly worked as a Manager in Policy and Planning in the Executive Mayor’s Office at the City of Johannesburg focusing on setting political and policy directives for efficient municipal governance, driving implementation in public administration and establishing public-private partnerships that maximise resources used for service delivery. In the technology industry Mbali was a Client Manager at Dimension Data as providing a value chain of technology and innovation solutions that are key for business competitiveness, efficiency and financial success. As a Master or Management graduate from the Wits School of Governance, Mbali articulated the issues and solution regarding the ease of doing business in township economies by analysing legislations that create limitations for small businesses to be competitive and thriving. As a Global Shaper in Johannesburg, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, Mbali is involved in community projects that seek to address socioeconomic issues with collaboration from civil society, public and private sector leaders.



Nande Mayipase

My career started out in an acceleration hub, where I had the privilege of being mentored by some of the IT industry giants. I now am an IT professional with a diverse portfolio, that includes business development, operation and programme management. Also, an alumni of the ITC Infotech graduate program, an initiative that was launched by the organization 6 years ago, with a purpose of hiring, upskilling, and employing local talent, which I now am the program manager of. My passion is are technology, innovation and women taking space in the IT industry.



Wesley Oliver

“Anything is possible until proven impossible.” This is something Wesley applies to any challenge that comes his way. It drives him to explorer all avenues no matter the perceived outcome. Even if it turns out “impossible”, in this moment in time, much knowledge has been gained that can be applied later. An old, sensitive soul at heart, Wesley has a deep desire to help people realize their dreams and full potential; facilitating that magical space between where ideas become a reality. Particularly where people allow the fear of technology to block their creativity.



Adi Zuk

Adi Zuk has co-founded 3 businesses over the last 15 years, Dazzle Angels the first female angel fund in South Africa, Jagmethod a digital lead generation business specialising in the financial services sector and Traffic Fundi, and online marketing agency. Adi is currently the chairperson of the Jagmethod group of companies. Adi is a member of WPO (Womens Presidents Organisation).

Adi’s academic experience includes studying Impact Investing at the GSB, A PDBA at GIBS and Digital Advertising at Vega Brand School.



Antonie Neethling

Antonie is enthusiastic about how technology and more specifically software engineering can enhance personal lives and commerce. A computer scientist by training, Antonie has decades of experience in most facets of software development within the retail, telecommunications, healthcare and IT industries. He is passionate about leveraging the trio of people, process, information and to be part of building strong and sustainable businesses.

Most recently he has been involved in the successful completion of projects at large enterprises like Telkom, Vodacom, Shoprite, PnP and MMI Health while acting in leadership, architecture, solution design and project delivery roles.



Nompumelelo Mokou

Nompumelelo’s core philosophies are to have faith and courage in all seasons and to never be afraid of challenges no matter the size or complexity. She holds a Bachelor of Accountancy, CA (SA) and has completed her MBA at the University of Stellenbosch Business School in 2018. After completing articles and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, she went into business getting involved in different projects including technology solutions, accounting and auditing directorship at Ngubane & Co., chairing BWASA Soweto Branch, chairing the Cathsseta Audit and Risk Committee. Nompumelelo then joined Dimension Data in 2016 as the Gauteng Senior Finance Manager for the Managed Services business. Three years later, she was appointed Intelligent Customer Experience GTM Executive. Nompumelelo is constantly inspired to evolve, adapt, be relevant and change. She believes that greatness is not achieved alone but through multi-faceted people, expertise, contributions and opinions.



Gloria Phakathi

I’m a founder of a company Glo Mo Solutions we are software development and IT Consulting ,Project Management. I also do voluntary work for school student whom are in the Technology space. I groom them to prepare presentations for their innovations and run Hackathon programs. A founding member of the Baddies in Tech we work with graduates and young professionals in the ICT sector across Africa.



Kerry Nel

Although I started off as a lawyer , my real passion lies in building businesses and people . This was what lead me to diverse careers in both management consulting and then more recently starting my own start up in the world of customer behavioural analytics .With lots of scars on my back and amazing stories to tell , I am looking forward to sharing and growing through this amazing interaction.



Jacquline Hoorn

Bilingual Social Worker by profession with fieldwork experience as NICRO Advocacy and Lobbying Manager previously WC Area Manager rendering Adult Diversion, Crime Prevention and Offender Reintegration Services; Participant of the International Visitors Leadership Programme 2019 hosted by US Embassy; Participant of the Professional Exchange programme in Norway at Vardeteatret using theatre as a rehabilitation tool 2015; Statutory Social Worker at CAFDA Child and Family Welfare Centre NGO in Grassy Park, who specializes in Child Protection; Social Worker at RIET Family Guidance Centre (Shelter for abused Women with their Children) Johannesburg 2010; Part-Time Facilitator/Lecturer of Social Auxiliary Workers at The Mintin School of Development Studies



Marwaan Sasman

Many organisations lose opportunities because they struggle to understand their audience or communicate with clarity.

Marwaan helps these organisations develop tools to overcome the noise, engage their audience, and consistently launch successful projects.

As the head of Pigeon Pie, a strategy and marketing firm for positive impact, he brings 10 years of experience in brand strategy, marketing, and design, to help teams succeed.



Tebogo Moalusi

I am a father to a beautiful 4-year old girl, a husband to an incredible woman. We have a baby on the way, so the family is growing. My professional training is in commerce (law and economics graduate from UCT). I also have an Executive MBA in entrepreneurship from GIBS. Since Matric, I have had the priviledge of leading people and teams, and in the process learning about myself. Its given me the opportunity to reflect on complexity of human experiences and the influence of context on our choices. My later years have been focused on mastering and deeping this understanding- how people are shaped and respond to contextual influences, and therefore how to lead effectively. I believe in the power of making good choices. I am the founder or Bokamoso Cross Mentorship Programme, Young Professionals Association and Black Excellence. Over the past 12 years, these have been my contributions to leaving the space better than what one found. The have been institutions of change. I am now the CEO Fashion Art Music Group, building another institution that will unlock the potential of the African child through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. My vision is for Africa to be creative capital of world.



Taryn Johannes

I am a social worker with 12 years experience in the field. My experience ranges from child protection, substance abuse, care and contact matters, employee wellness and the criminal justice system. I am currently employed at NICRO as an acting area manager. In my current position I work with those in conflict with the law.



Jimi Lutz

I have spent my entire career optimizing companies through the effective use of software. Whether it is digital transformation, optimizing a business process, moving to the cloud, or simply selecting the correct software.
Having spent 25 years building new software, in recent years I have applied this innovative thinking to the way in which we deliver managed services and software sales. This has enabled us to consistently grow our revenue and profitability at double the industry benchmark.



Dr Noxolo Gqada

After qualifying as a medical doctor, Dr Noxolo Gqada completed her training working across South Africa. During this period, whilst working within both public and private medical sectors, she became acutely aware of the grave inequity in healthcare. This cultivated her passion-project; health-tech start-up, Ingress Healthcare. She is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ingress Healthcare which was recently selected to participate in the YPO A+ Accelerator program. Noxolo’s experiences working with people from various backgrounds; academics, entrepreneurs, and the most vulnerable in our communities have driven her commitment towards sustainable social impact, healthcare governance, and value-based leadership.



Shona Macdonald

Described as a bulldog that never gives up on the investment reality show, Shark Tank, Shona Macdonald is an entrepreneur who is determined to make a positive impact on the world. Although she has only recently entered the tech start-up space as the founder of Cliqx, a mobile dating app that helps people connect through shared experiences, Shona is no stranger to entrepreneurship. As the founder of Thursdays Lingerie and Swimwear Shona has been a catalyst in the transformation of the local lingerie manufacturing industry. With a strong understanding of the power of collaboration Shona proactively works with her competitors, sharing resources and upskilling local talent with the common goal of building a stronger local economy. Shona has recently graduated from the Future Females UK SA Tech Hub. In 2019 she was an Inspiring Fifty nominee and was awarded as Heavy Chef’s Top 5 Most Exciting Start-Ups in 2018.



Sindisiwe Chuma

Sindisiwe Chuma is passionate about improving people’s lives using technology. As a technologist, she has had opportunities for improving virtual and augmented reality assistive technologies as a researcher. In her professional career, she has worked as a consultant on engineering and infrastructure solutions that enable private, secure, efficient and customer-centric transactions. Her current focus is to help individuals and enterprises bridge the digital divide through digital transformation.

Digital Solutions Hackathon Cape Town Mentors

Samantha-Leigh Harper

With over 15 years of tech recruitment experience as well as building 3 recruitment agencies, and starting the first South African Recruitment Networking Community (RecruitSharper), my value and skills lay deep in the Technology and Recruitment sector in Cape Town. For the past 9 years I’ve been building Nu Beginnings, a Tech Recruitment Company, focusing on creating business partnerships that understand the true value of an effective recruitment strategy. My other passion is Soul Donations, a NPC committed to fighting crimes against women and children.”

Zimkhita Buwa

Zimkhita Buwa (The Chief Operations Officer at Britehouse, a Division of Dimension Data. Britehouse provides industry leading Digital solutions in the areas of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Automotive, Advanced Analytics and Mobility. Zimkhita was an SAP Analytics Consultant for nine years and served as the Chairperson for the Business Analytics Special Interest Group, where she was awarded an Achievement Award for her contribution to the African SAP User Community. In 2010, Zimkhita was also selected as one of 200 SAP Mentors globally. This was in recognition of the involvement in the local SAP eco-system through her willingness to share knowledge and mentor young people in the SAP community. .

Lianne Du Toit

Lianne currently resides between Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, recent winner of 2018 Inspiring Fifty and voted as one of “Fast Company’s most creative people in business in 2016 and entering nominee of the Digital Leadership Female Awards. She is a qualified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator which is a proven methodology that helps unlocks the potential of all the participants in a workshop environment. At its core participants work together to solve complex issues by building models using LEGO bricks. The metaphors in the models serve as the basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing and problem solving and help foster creative thinking and finding unique solutions Lianne is the Business Network Director for non-profit YPO (Global platform for leaders to engage, learn and grow) and certifying as a Leadership Coach helping to build the leaders of tomorrow today.

Baratang Miya

Baratang Miya the founder of Uhuru Spaces and Girlhype Coders Academy founded in 2003 which has now reached the goal of teaching 200000 by 2020. Baratang Miya has been named among 50 People Who Made the Internet a Better Place in 2016 award by Mozilla, A first runner-up 2016 MTN Women in ICT Community Builder award. She received a TechWomen award by US State Department to spend six weeks in Silicon Valley mentored by women executives in Tech, week in Washington DC learning about United States ICT policies from the state department. She was placed at Adobe for her mentorship. Baratang has just been chosen for the 2017 ITS Global Policy Fellowship taking place in Brazil, where she will have an opportunity to work with key ICT stakeholders and government officials. Baratang was recently was invited by UNCDP to Geneva Switzerland to present on E-commerce from the perspective of ACP countries. Her Girlhype work has been presented to Deutsche Welle in Germany to G20 countries delegates..She was the business development manager for Cape Innovation Technology Initiative, BlackBerry Appslab, and managed the City of Cape Town’s SmartCity content development strategy.

Farhana Parker

Farhana Parker’s qualifications paint a picture of her passion and commitment towards the development of her fellow citizens. Parker is a Bertha scholar and Masters candidate in inclusive innovation at UCT Graduate School of Business where her research explores innovative pathways to prevent and scale the wicked problem of domestic violence in women. She further holds a social work degree and three postgraduates in psychology, social policy and management from UCT and social innovation from the Amani Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These qualifications have been pivotal in laying the foundation for her to actively tackle issues of inequality and social justice. Parker founded The Social Makeover in 2016, a social enterprise with a special focus on the rights, protection, and advancement of women and girls aligned with the UN Sustainable Development goal 5. Leading The Social Makeover and the World Economic Forums Global Shaper Cape Town Hub has been instrumental in fostering an environment where she can effectively pursue and commit to a career of meaning and valuable social impact, serving and affirming the humanity of as many people as she can. She was named 1 of 200 Mail and Guardian most influential young South Africans and a recent winner of Inspiring50.

Thokozile Miya

Award Winning Woman in Technology, Media and Technology Entrepreneur & Journalist, Thokozile Miya is a founding Director and working committee member at Younglings Africa. A one year internship up-skill and re-skill program for unemployed youth accepting technology students and unemployed youth from all backgrounds and profiles between the ages 18-28. Miya’s involvement in the Women in technology scene in Cape Town, her background as a website content manager as well as her qualifications as a Bachelor of Technology recipient in Journalism has her working at the cusp of the industry in both media and technology. In her 9-5 Thokozile Miya works as the Program Manager at Girlhype, her work featured as part of the campaign to teach 200000 girls by 2020, a goal achieved. Thokozile is a hardworking, passionate and over achieving person. A skilled disciplinarian in both technology and journalism. A firm believer in the power of technology and innovation to enrich today’s’ ever progressive word of invention and creation. Thoko Miya believes in the intersection between technology and the public through dynamic and thought captivating innovation, mobile, design, innovation, art, fashion media, and journalism. Having a dual interest in both programming (technology at large) as well as the liberal arts doctrine of journalism her work is largely in the intersection points between these two doctrines, sharing knowledge thereof and creating dynamic communities of people who are able to learn and grow through mutual engagement. Thokozile Miya is the 2019 recipient of the Carol Boyes Fabulous Woman of The Year Award

Maureen Grosvenor

The entrepreneurial and technology bug bit me at an early age. In 1986, when I was 16, my father bought one of the first home personal computers on the market and I took the opportunity to learn the software languages available at the time. I loved the idea getting to know and understand new innovations and being ahead of the pack. I am proud to be one of the Inspiring50 Women in STEM (Science, technology, Engineering & Maths) winners for 2018. I believe since I joined APPSolve I have brought in team building strengths, opened up new revenue streams and have been instrumental in building our company brand. I have spearheaded appointing and developing new resources. I hope too, that I have enhanced relationships with our partners and clients.

Daniel Botha

Daniel Botha is a technology consultant, specializing in assisting SMEs and startups to identify and leverage technologies to create leaner, more agile and more profitable businesses. Daniel’s background is in digital marketing strategy, project management and AWS cloud architecture. With over a decade of experience working with some of South Africa’s largest retail and tech brands behind him, Daniel is well-positioned to identify and understand operational and marketing challenges and is deeply passionate about overcoming them through innovation. As Technology Director at La Maison Des Arts, Daniel is building a multi-channel luxury lifestyle platform that will serve as both a showcase of exceptional South African artistic talent, as well as a portal for consumers seeking access to exclusive experiences.

Evelyn Parker

Christian religious education, adolescent spirituality as influenced by sociocultural context and social policy.

Nazli Allie

I am a generalist specializing in digital marketing, business intelligence, and analytics, and in the past, have enjoyed working with ICT companies and technology startups across Africa. When I’m not working I enjoy connecting with people, 3D printing, photography, and radio control crawling in Cape Town. Current Role: As Networks Community Manager for YPO, I manage a portfolio of Networks – connecting CEOs across the globe in supportive and engaging Networks. The communities that I work with a range between 580 and 9500 members and include Networks such as YPO Deal Network, Plastics Network, Automotive Network and previously, Run Bike Swim Network..

Natalie Woodward

Natalie is an owner and founding partner of Woodward + Stern, LLC, a litigation firm in Roswell, Georgia. She received her first million dollar verdict in 2010. She specializes in civil litigation involving accidental and wrongful injury and death, family law, education law, false arrest, construction law and business law. She is a member of the Board of Directors of WIN List, as well as the Board of Directors of the Civil Justice Political Action Committee. She is also a member of the Atlanta Trial Lawyers Society and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association.

Atul Padalkar

Founder of Bizfarm, an Unfunded Business Incubator. Passionate about taking Entrepreneurship and taking digital to people. Amongst the largest trainers for Google in SA. Lecturer at Wits and UKZN on 4IR, AI, IoT. Bollywood junkie. Organiser of the Largest Startup Weekend in Africa.

Ndzavi Derrick

Certified Business Advisor with Institute of Business Advisors Southern Africa IBASA, Board Member of IBASA, Founder and CEO of New DiscoveryBS, Self taught Developer of RechargeMyBiz APP, I am Passionate about Enterprise Development and have worked with various organisations in government such as GEP and Private Sector such as 67CEOs, Exxaro, Sasol, FNB Seil program with Fetola and many more.

Mmabatho Mokiti

Mmabatho Mokiti is a mathematician turn impact entrepreneur with a passion for education and youth development. She is the founder of Mathemaniacs, a STEM CSI (Corporate Social Investment) consulting company that designs and implements CSI strategies for corporates to invest in sustainable STEM education in rural and disadvantaged areas. She is also the founding member of DreamGirls Academy; a female empowerment and mentoring organization that empowers women and girls through various impactful programs that use mentorship and skills and leadership development as a tool; with a focus on getting more women in STEM.

Hannah Subayi

Director at Dazzle Angels, the first SA angel fund investing in women-led tech businesses.Also a Portfolio manager at South Suez Capital, sitting on the advisory boards of several African private equity funds and acting as a trustee of South Suez Charitable Trust. Recently, Founder of Wadymaniac, a non-profit organisation focussing on healthcare and education projects in the Republic Democratic of Congo. Passionate about female entrepreneurship in Africa and technology.

Yvonne Wakefield

Yvonne is an attorney and advocate (SA) and solicitor (UK). In 2011, she founded Caveat Legal, South Africa’s first alternative legal service provider, offering freelance former Big Firm attorneys to business without the costly bells and whistles of traditional firms. Yvonne has always had a keen interest in womens rights, and in 2019 founded The Warrior Project, a simple data-light portal providing victims of gender-based violence and domestic abuse (‘Warriors’) with information and resources available to assist them.

Zeenat Hendricks

Zeenat Hendricks, from Cape Town South Africa is currently the communications coordinator for Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust and have been with the organization for 3 years. Zeenat Hedriks has a short history of working in the non profit sector (6 years). My role at Rape Crisis involves implementing communications strategies for social and digital media. I am also personally drawn to exploring innovative ways of how to get teams to participate in projects and to create solutions that support social change. The value of messaging and technology is important in this sector as it allows for education to reach a wider audience.